Welcome! Meet Our Founder

About 10 years ago, I obtained a vision of establishing New Community Horizons after reviewing many health disparities in our community.  I wanted to make a difference in the area of Preventive Medicine and Sickle Cell Anemia as this is the area that touched my life the most..

Sickle Cell Anemia is a debilitating disease that affects 80,000 individuals in the United States.  I have firsthand experience in dealing with this disease therefore carry the torch of a cure.

I truly believe a cure is in sight for Sickle Cell Disease – this is the passion that ignites my purpose.

Prevention of diseases such as sickle cell, cancer, diabetes and HIV can be accomplished with health education promotion, an undertaking which gives me great zeal.

My faith and hope in helping our community is driven by love.  I became a doctor not just to provide healing but hope for families.  I believe everyone is entitled to health care
education, a health care provider and an opportunity for disease prevention.

My medical practice is geared toward wellness of the entire person; body, mind and spirit.
My continuous drive stems from the fact that there is a God who cares about all of us and I am an extension of that care.

With this drive in mind, New Community Horizons offer the following:

1. Mobile Health Clinic – a mobile health clinic reaching the under-served in Georgia.  The concentration being preventive health care and therefore aligning individuals with a primary health home.
2. The Provider Network – Health care providers provide a health education magazine for the community entitled “New Community Horizons”.  These health care providers also participate in community health fairs and travel abroad to provide medical missions to those in need.
3. The Youth Program – offers youth rallies yearly to bring about awareness to the Aids epidemic, Alcohol and Drug abuse in our society as well as promote the pursuit of a  higher education in our communities

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